Inspired by a traditional Japanese fairytale in which the greatest artist in the land is commissioned to create an epic work '7 Visions Of Hell' with disastrous consequences.

Our modern twist features an experimental film maker who cannot create work unless he 'sees' it, so in his quest to create this epic work, he embarks on a journey with his actors that leads to his ultimate demise.

Part documentarian part directing maverick, the line between genius and madman becomes blurred as he descends through each vision of hell he creates.



"Dangerous Liaisons, through the filter of the German postmodernist playwright Heiner Muller's shocking and explicit play, QUARTET. Welcome to the sexiest pop concert in town, with hard beats, evocative dance and spectacular film. Beautiful bodies bending gender and identity, and moving from Restoration drawing room to macabre circus to S&M church, this is a show about sex and the desperate need to connect."

The one act play featured 19 cinematic film clips created by double barrel. Scenes included a tarantula crawling across the lead actress's face, male pole dance, space age tango, fire eaters and balletic twister.

Quartet played to a full house at the Old Vic Tunnels, as part of the Coming Up Talent festival.


Fanny and Madge

A two woman comedy show about best friends. Fanny & Madge have known each other for years and now they live together, study together and are having the time of their lives.

Following a popular performance under the Goldsmith's Collective London, the show went on to a successful run in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at The Gilded Balloon.

" A fantastically funny play that's spot on."
 **** The Scotsman

         "Great comic brio!" Time Out