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TIGER, WATER, TREE animation by Lindsay McFarlane wins MOFILM award for the Satpuda Foundation.

"This beautiful film was my choice for first place.
I think it's powerful and moving, apart from the aesthetic appeal. It's a lovely translation of our brief (to show the link between tigers, forests, water and humans)."
Rajashree Khalap - Satpuda Foundation.

”It's a wonderfully evocative and sophisticated example of cinematic story telling. I love Burlesque Fairytales, I know I will want to see it again and again. I will look forward to all future films with your name on it. Keep making beautiful, intelligent films."
Laurie Humphries
Associate Director & Programmer, Female Eye Film Festival.

BURLESQUE FAIRYTALES awarded Best Cinematography at Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

"We enjoyed BURLESQUE FAIRYTALES. It is a well acted film and beautifully shot."
Warner Bros.

“BURLESQUE FAIRYTALES is a truly fabulous film.”
Toronto FeFF International Film Festival.

"Susan Luciani is an inventive and imaginative writer, very cinematic. Dolls is undeniably a vibrant and original short. Her work is incredibly vivid and gothic with a haunting quality throughout, giving it a very distinctive feel"
Film Four.


“I thought Dolls was just extraordinary. One of the keys of making short films, you want to create your own universe, have your own voice and this film has a spectacularly different, significant, coloured voice. I’ve not seen a short film like it before.”
Jeremy Howe, BBC Head of Short Films.

“Dolls is a delight,
extraordinary in its inventiveness and economy of light.
The lighting evokes the mood perfectly.”
British Society of Cinematographers, BSC.

"A brilliantly executed film in which your imagination will be stretched."
"This film is captivating."
Zimbabwe International Film Festival.

“Reality and fantasy worlds exquisitely crossed in ‘Dolls’- a picture book story, with a theatre inside a theatre and using the movie camera to pursue the action. "
Short Shorts International Film Festival, Osaka.

“Morgan Lloyd Malcolm is an exciting new talent and definitely a name to watch!”
The Scotsman.

“…exactly the kind of entertainment you’d hope for but expect from BBC Talent Week…Brilliant. Give them a series.”
The Guardian.