Our film work began with live stage performances and music videos. A natural evolution through short films and documentaries saw the use of digital cameras shift to film cameras and ever bigger stories, culminating in the establishment of our feature film production department.

Our feature film and animation projects have screened internationally and won multiple awards.

Film is at the heart of what we do.

Paved with Gold

Based on an international best selling book, Paved With Gold is the true life story of a London TV producer who gave up her affluent life to live with street kids in Brazil, rescuing 10,000 of them.

Film in development.


Burlesque Fairytales

"Welcome to Burlesque Fairytales, a night of revelation at the Chapel Theatre." 

At least that's what it says on the flyer. But this 1930s fashionable London audience are in for a surprise. Things are not what they seem at The Chapel Theatre and soon it dawns on them that this is no ordinary night out. For a start they can't remember how they got there, now that they've arrived, the doors to the theatre are bolted shut, they are trapped inside. As the film progresses in real time, the stage play hosts five fairy tales. In these tales a mixture of stage, film, animation, giant set pieces and natural elements playing out inside the theatre create a fantastical story telling experience. But time is short, the moment of truth is coming and the audience have just one last chance to save themselves.

This award winning debut feature film by writer director Susan Luciani stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) Jim Carter (Golden Compass) Lindsay Duncan (Rome) Stephen Campbell Moore (History Boys) and Barbara Flynn (Miss Potter).



Directed by Susan Luciani
Narrated by Charles Dance

DOLLS has broadcast on BBC and SKY TV as well as being officially selected to play in International film festivals in Los Angeles, Spain, San Francisco, Italy, Paris, Cyprus, Africa and Japan. It also featured as part of the Roguerunner Screenings at Cannes 2006 and at the British Society of Cinematographer’s New Filmmaker Night at Pinewood Studios.

“In Paris, in the spring of our time, a young girl was about to throw herself into the Seine…” Inspired by a story that appeared in a 1950’s newspaper, this short film plays out a year in the life of a young girl, Mouche. Deemed too skinny to make a living at the Moulin Rouge, Mouche is cast out and saved from suicide by a group of puppets traveling from town to town, performing street shows for a few paltry francs.

She joins them on their journey and together they become quite an attraction earning more money than they’ve ever made. In turn, the puppets become Mouche’s beloved family, yet behind them lurks a cruel and abusive man who is desperately in love with her, “It would have all been so perfect if not for the puppeteer.”

Mouche must make a decision, to stay for the love of the puppets or leave to escape the terrible wrath of the puppeteer.
“A man is many things Mouche, he may wish to soar to the stars but be earthbound and overgrown . . . and yet all of us would rather die than go on living without you."


Me & Mrs Jones

“She loves me, she loves me not.” A modern day silent film starring Ukweli Roach (Streetdance),  shot on location at Trafalgar Square, London.

Dancing his way across the square at night, as he awaits a meeting with Mrs Jones. Mixing tap, traditional musical dance styles with contemporary modern choreography, he sets the square alight, but will she show?

Created for the BFI’s Silent Film festival.


Bali: After the Blackout

"Visiting Bali six months after the terrorist bombing I couldn't believe what was going on there. People were shocked, confused, starving and pulling together in a way I'd never witnessed before. Their faith was stronger than ever and the way in which they dealt with so much death and devastation was truly inspiring. This documentary tells a worldwide news story, from the previously unheard Balinese perspective."   Susan Luciani - director

bali: after the blackout was officially selected to screen at Raindance Film Festival London and Prends Ca Court Montreal Film Festival.


Film Archives

  • Susan Luciani directs this live multi camera shoot for Second Person’s launch of their album Chromatography at the Bedford Club, London.
  • like rabbits – short film of a man’s struggle to understand why he’s finding it so difficult to get an erection.
He loves his girlfriend.  He’s never had this problem before.  But he just can’t get it up! Perhaps his pet rabbit has the answer? Written by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm. 
Directed by Susan Luciani.
  • Loss - Sometimes the things you want most from life are not what you thought you wanted at all. Loss is about that fragile moment when everything changes and how quickly that moment can be gone, for good.
  • wonderland - A surreal short film about the rediscovery of the imagination. On one side of the scales is Time and Money, whilst on the other is Creativity.

 Watch as Alice fights to tip the scales with a little help from an artist beyond the grave. Shot on location at the world famous Salvador Dali Art Gallery, South Bank London, by special permission.
  • All seeing I - Designed to keep audiences guessing, this short film charts an eventful 24hrs in the lives of four people. Whilst only two characters actually know one another, they are all watching each other or are themselves the object of a watchful eye.