double barrel productions' work began with choreography and live dance performances.

When we started filming these performances, our love of film was born. 

Now we enjoy mixing all mediums of dance, stage and film in our storytelling.

Moon Fairytale

Inspired by a Japanese myth, the Moon Fairytale in double barrel's debut feature film Burlesque Fairytales, tells its story entirely through dance.

“Have you ever looked up at the stars in the sky and wondered what's at the very heart of them? Then there's the greatest star of the them all, the very source of life and so great is her strength that she creates fear in all those around her, though she means only kindness. Indeed, she is the loneliest star in the whole known universe.”

Choreographed by Francesca Jaynes (Sweeney Todd, De-lovely) and director Susan Luciani, Moon Fairytale features dancers from the Laban Conservatoire, London and the English National Ballet.


Crux is a short film about one young man's decisive moment to alter the course of his life forever. Told entirely through dance, we see his present interrupted by a descent into the underworld of his past painful emotions. In facing them, can he break the pattern and free himself from a stereotypical future? Are we more than merely the sum of our past experiences? Is redemption possible in the bleakest of circumstance?

The film will feature inspired choreography from the elite dance crews Birdgang (Streetdance, Flawless, Breaking Convention Sadlers Wells).


  • pandora’s box - Imagine if, when you were a child, you caught a glimpse of the future… would you have wanted to see more?
  • mardi gras - Live appearance of the dance troupe, D'cik at the Mardi Gras Festival in London, choreographed by susan lucIani.
  • slice of da pie - Music video to celebrate the graduating Hip Hop Class at University of London.