Angel of Awakening

angel“Angela Barker had never really thought about death. It was one of the benefits of being young, three months shy of her sixteenth birthday to be exact. Time seemed to stretch out like an unending ocean in front of her and was just as daunting. In fact, Angela Barker couldn’t remember the last time she felt sure of anything. Somewhere between her birth and her current existence, all that seemed safe and secure had crumbled away, leaving her drifting with the currents.

The nightmares had begun when Angela was little. The details of their contents lost in a fog of tears and drowsiness. But the fear she remembered. Yes, the fear she remembered. The solution to these bad dreams, Angela concluded, was not to fall asleep in the first place. And so she came to live her life in a state of permanent otherness, somewhere between the conscious and unconscious, unaware of how close to her death she really was.

She had a routine of course but it seemed in Angela’s mind that she existed only to make up the numbers and this was confusing because deep down Angela Barker had a feeling she was being watched.”

When teenage twins Michael and Angela lose their lives in a car accident they find a whole new adventure beginning for them in the afterlife. Angel of Awakening is the debut novel from double barrel productions, the first in the Angel Series.